Sports Therapy

Training and competition can place a tremendous amount of physiological stress on an athlete's body. This can impact the time and effort required to perform an activity. These changes are characterized by unfavorable adaptations in the body such as pain and decreased ranges of motion in the joints and muscles, further leading to fatigue and decreased performance. Many athletes spend a great deal of time thinking about their training plan without giving enough consideration to negative stress and increasing needs for recovery. When the athlete experiences pain, the damage has already occurred and treating it is more difficult than preventing it.

Vermont Chiropractic & Sports Therapy incorporates a conservative and uniquely integrated approach to preventative care. This is specific to athletes and is the called the Sports Therapy package. It encompasses diversified chiropractic adjustments to the spine and extremities, manual, physical and rehabilitative therapies and most importantly, patient education. As a part of the treatment plan we develop a functionally integrated exercise program specific to your sport. It encompasses posture and body awareness training, spine/core stabilization and corrective exercises to help reduce future injuries. We integrate a preventative program that helps you maintain your healthy lifestyle. Each preventative visit engages and empowers you with the tools and knowledge to better protect yourself from injury. This provides several benefits to the athlete:

Avoid Further Injury

An injury is much easier to treat when it is caught in its early stages, rather than waiting until those symptoms force you to stop the activity you love.

Maintain Performance

Regular maintenance care has been shown to help keep your performance at a high level, rather than being slowed down by small aches and pains.

Special Attention

One of the biggest complaints that patients have about healthcare today is that their physician doesn't spend enough time with them, or have a good enough understanding of their healthcare needs. We insure you that all your concerns will be addressed during that appointment and provide recommendations to manage any new problems.